About Save The Date App

Save The Date is an app created to help event owners organize and manage their event simply and easily. You can manage any event such as weddings, corporate events, parties, conferences and more.

When created the app we always kept in mind it has to be simple. Therefore, within a few minutes you can create an entire event and receive RSVP messages from your guests. The app will provide you with information and statistics about the event such as how many guests will arrive or the total cost or income of it.

Most of the tools offered by the app are free, for example managing guest lists, sitting arrangements, manual Rsvp for guests, Expense management, gifts documentation, event page with countdown and more. Other tools such as Rsvp by text messages is starting from an affordable cost of 49 USD for 500 Rsvp text messages. Just think how much it can save you for not paying for not attending guests.

You can manage as many events as you like in your Save the Date account. For example, a couple who is married can manage their wedding in the app and then a few years later manage their baby showers, birthdays and parties.
You can even share information from each event to another. For example the suppliers can be the same or the guests lists.

Another cool and usefull feature is checking what present you received from each guest for any event anytime you'd like.


Wishing you a productive use of the app
Save The Date Team