Rsvp Website

We offer several methods to Rsvp your event guests -

  1. Rsvp by Whatsapp
  2. Rsvp by text messages (Sms)
  3. Rsvp by sharing a link to your event Rsvp website

When you send Rsvp by Whatsapp requests or Rsvp by Sms requests the messages will include a personalized link to the Event Rsvp page to each guest so they can view it and Rsvp using it. You can also share your Event page on all social media platforms.
The Rsvp website is a digital styled webpage that displays the event details to your guests - Event name, date and time, event location, description, event images, link for navigation, link for gift registry, link to accomodation registration and much more.

In Save The Date app you can style your event Rsvp website for free and set it to work according to you needs -

  • Event Rsvp website.
  • Event Save The Date / Invitation Website (without Rsvp).
  • Event registration website.
Your guests rsvp to the event (no download of the app or any registration is required by them) and all Rsvp's appear in the event account.
The app will show how many guests have rsvp'd to the event and how many haven't. The event owner can resend the rsvp messages request to these guests only if he desires.

The use of Save The Date app is super easy and fun. You can use your desktop or mobile phone for managing your event.

Start using Save The Date Rsvp website now - Create your event for free!

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