Rsvp and seating arrangements app

Save The Date app is the
ideal solution used by many wedding planners

Wedding and Event Planners,
We have the ideal solution for you!

Seating arrangment platform for event planners:

Seating arrangement planning before the event:

  • Creating floor sketch of the venue.
  • Create table, add information to each table.
  • Set table type and define number of seats in table.
  • Assign guests to each table.

Seating by hosts during the event:

  • Reception screen for hosts to tell guests where they are sitting.
  • Printing Seating cards including guest name, total of arriving and table number.
  • Seating cars will include your company logo, website and contact details.
  • A smart automatic algorithm for seating guests who weren't assigned a table. The algorithm will make sure you fill empty seats in tables.
  • A complete snapshot of total arriving guest to the event and table occupancy.

Table arrangements - floor plan

Event Rsvp for event planners:

Rsvp's by text messages:

  • Send Rsvp requests by text messages to all the event guests with a single mouse click.
  • Pre-made templates for different types of messages.
  • Rsvp's are constantly updated on the website, including a summary of all Rsvping guests
  • A digital invitation that shows the event details, photos and more.
  • Send a second Rsvp request text message only to guest who haven't Rsvped yet.
  • Scheduling a reminder text message for the event date navigation link to the event.

Rsvp's by phone representatives:

  • View guests who haven't Rsvped yet for the purpose of making the calls
  • Guests call screen - update call status and Rsvp status.
  • View all calls made by the representative and status received.
  • Alerts on phone numbers that have been added or updated by the event owners.
  • Monitoring representative work at each event.

Phone representatives call screen