Frequently asked questions

  • Save The Date

  • What is Save The Date App?

    Save The Date app gives you to tools to plan and manage your events, including:
    Guests attendance (RSVPs) using text messages, Rsvp by Whatsapp, Save the Date digital styled webpage, Guest lists management, Expense tracking, Seating arrangements and much more.

  • What events can I manage with the app?

    You can manage any event with guests - Weddings, Company Events, Parties, Conferences, New baby party etc.

  • Is the service free?

    Most of the Save The Date app tools are free. Services such as Guests RSVP by text messages or Rsvp by Whatsapp has a cost but we proud to make the very affordable.
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  • How many events can I manage in my account?

    You may create and manage as many events as you want.
    At any time, you can log in to the account and check, for example, who was the cake vendor for you wedding or which gift you received from one of you friends, or how much did the catering service cost.

  • Guest list management

  • How do I upload my guest list to Save The Date?

    You can upload your guest lists by either choosing contacts from your mobile phone or uploading an Excel file or anyother file format.
    For each guest you may supply their name, mobile phone number, number of invited guests, group they belong to (friends, family, college, work etc.) and more.

  • How many guest lists can I upload?

    You may upload as many guest lists as you like.

  • Event Rsvp

  • How do my guests Rsvp to my event?

    RSVPing is very simple using Save The Date.
    The Sms text messages or a Whatsapp messages contain a link to your style Rsvp website. On the Rsvp website your guests select the total of guests that will attend the event and that is it. They can also greet you in the comments.
    You can view all RSVPs on the RSVP screen. Save The Date app will also sum the total of arriving guests.

    You may also manually RSVP specific guests which you already know that are coming to the event and there will be no need to ask them again by text messages.

  • Can I export the finaly guest list?

    Yes! You can export the final guest list to Excel file or even copy it to any other desired file type.

  • Event page

  • What is Save The Date Rsvp website?

    The Rsvp Website is a styled digital web page which shows details of the event and allows to register or Rsvp to it. The page will show images of the event, a link to the event location, link to the gift registry, link to the event accommodation service, allow for dishes selection and more. A link to the Rsvp website is included in the RSVP text message.

  • How do I update the event page?

    The event page is easy to update, not more than 2 minutes using the Save The Date app.

  • How do I send the Rsvp Website by text message?

    You automatically get a shortened url to the event page in the Sms text messages or Whatsapp messages. Your guest just have to click on it and it will open up in their smartphone browser.

  • Can I share the my event page on social networks?

    The event page includes links to share on all social apps such as Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, whatsapp etc.