Event seating Arrangement

Save the date lets you update for each guest in which table they will sit. You may update it manually or import it by excel file for all guests.

For example the Millers have rsvp'd 4 guests and they will be sitted in table number 9. You can change tables for the guests whenever you like according your needs.

Save the date will display how many guest are scheduled to sit in each table.
You also have the floor chart in which you can move your tables around acording to the event location's table plan. This way you will know exactly where is every guest scheduled to sit and with which other guests.

How to work with Save The Date app during the event:

When a guest arrives you type their name in the Search guest screen and you see what table they should sit in. Also you can update how may guests actually arrived.
For example the Millers who have rsvp'd 4 guest have actually came 3 so you tell them their table number and update that 3 guests have arrived.

Save The Date will show you how many guests are actually sitting in each table during the event and what is the total of guests who have actually arrived vs the total amount of guests who have rsvp'd to attend.


Wishing you a productive use of the app
Save The Date Team