Why Rsvp by text message is better

Sending an RSVP by text message is a convenient way for a host to manage responses and for guests to confirm their attendance. Text messages are typically delivered quickly and can be easily accessed on a wide range of devices, including smartphones and basic mobile phones. This can make it easier for the host to track responses and for guests to confirm their attendance without having to fill out a card or reply to an email. Additionally, SMS messages can be sent and received without an internet connection, making them a good option in areas with poor or unreliable internet access.

By using Save The Date app a host can send an Rsvp request text message in minutes to a large amount of guests.
It is polite to respond to an invitation as soon as possible, and to let the host know whether or not you will be able to attend. If you are unable to attend, it is still polite to respond to the invitation to let the host know. It is also considered polite to let the host know if you will be bringing any guests. The event host will receive an instant idea of how many guests will attend so they can prepare accordingly.

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