Email Invitations

People usually take a lot of effort and spent a lot of time and money planning their event.
And that is very understandably, you want to have the best event, the kind that everybody will talk about for days - and that is great.

The problem starts when you want to invite your guests. You're collecting the email address of everybody, saying you'll send them invites. But, once you've sent them - only a small portion of your guests rsvp to your event. What is with all the rest?
Don't they want to come to your event?

I guess they do, and I guesss they would rsvp if they had only received the email invitations. Email invitations is a very bad idea to rely on when it comes to inviting your guests and requesting them to rsvp to your event. It is known that email delivery rate is only at about 20%. So why should you use them?

Try Save The Date app. The app uses Sms (text messages) to send invitations and Rsvp requests to your guest.
Sms delivery rate is at about 95-97% so your guests will get your invitations.
The best thing is that you already have their phone number, they are already in your contacts list on your phone. Just download the Save The Date app and upload your guest within seconds from your contacts list. No need for collecting email address or anything.

Rsvp by text messages

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Send rsvp request by text messages