Rsvp by Whatsapp

With Save The Date app you can request your guests to Rsvp by Whatsapp. Your guests will be able to you view your event or wedding invitation and then Rsvp to it. You as the event owner will be able to see which or your guests have Rsvp'd and which haven't and get sum of all guests which are coming to the event.

Save The Date app offer 2 ways to Rsvp by Whatsapp:

  1. Event Rsvp - You have your event guest list and you want to request your guests to Rsvp by Whatsapp. Each Guest will receive a unique link to your event page so they can Rsvp.

  2. Event Registration with Rspv - You want to share your event details with your family and friends and let then register and Rsvp by whatsapp to the event. The event page will display a registration form. Registered guests will appear in your guest list. You can send the event page to any of your Whatsapp groups and this option is preffered when you don't have a guest list and you want to create one.


Rsvp by Whatsapp - Create your event now!

Rsvp by Whatsapp