Online Invitations

Let’s say you have an event, for example a birthday party, and you want to invite all your family and friends to it. You can always call them over the phone and invite them, or send a printed invitation by mail. If you believe they will open an email invitation you might even try that. But, did everyone receive the invitation?

And let’s say you’ve managed to invite them. Some of them opened an email from you or answered the phone or even you met some of them on the street and invited them. How will you know who will attend your birthday party? After all, you have costs based on the amount of attending guests.

Save the Date app offers you a way to send online invitations and request RSVPs from your guests in a quick and efficient way. The app lets you update your event details, mostly location, date and time. Then you can select your guests directly from your mobile phone contacts or event upload a guest list using an Excel file. And that is it – after a 2 minute work you can send the invitations to your family and friends.

The invitations are sent by Sms text messages so you can be sure your guests receive them. Your guests can receive a Save The Date messages or an online RSVP request. The message may also show an invitation photo and a navigation link straight to the event location.

Using the app you send online invitations to your guest in minutes. The app manages who Rsvp’d and who didn’t so you can send an additional request for an Rsvp’s only to these guests.

Eventually you can view the total amount of guests who will show to your birthday party.

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