Save The Date - Share your event


When we want people to know we're about to have an event which they're invited to, we usually send out Save The Date messages. We can send it out using Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Email, hang a big poster on a billboard and more.

With Save The Date amazing app you can create an event and share it with your guests. The whole process takes no more than 2 minutes!

Just create a free event using the app or website and then go to event details. Here you can update your event name, event location, event date and time. You can even paste a navigation link such as waze or google maps navigation link. Upload some photos, either your own or an invitation image and that is it.

Now you can click "Share on Whatsapp" button and share your event Save the Date page with your family and friends.

Save the Date app works for all languages - Save The Date, Reserva La Fecha, तिथि को रक्षित करें, сохранить дату, احفظ التاريخ, 保存日期, Réserve cette date, merken Sie den Termin vor, Reserve a data, 日付を保存 and more...

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