How to Rsvp


RSVP is a French phrase "répondez s'il vous plaît" which means "Please reply" in English. We use it when we want guests to confirm their attendance to our event. We kindly ask them to "Rsvp to our event".

In case you've been invited to an event, either a wedding, a company event or any other social event you must know how to RSVP to that event.

With Save The Date app it is very easy to RSVP. The app sends a text message (SMS) or a Whatsapp message to all guests requesting them to RSVP. All your guests have to do is click on the link provided within the message and choose rsvp how many guests will attend the event. It is very easy to do and the event owners receive online report of all guest who have RSVP'd.

Save The Date app also have manual RSVP button which is usefull in cases when guest have RSVP'd to the event in other ways then from the online page. For example by phone call or by face to face with the event owner.

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How to RSVP