Save The Date

Stop losing money for non attending guests!
Use Save The Date app and receive RSVPs from your guests using text messages.

Create your event in Save The Date and we'll give you tools to plan and manage it, including:
Save the Date page, Guest lists management, Guests attendance (RSVPs), Expense tracking, Seating arrangements, Wedding invitations using text messages and more.

Why choose Save The Date?

Just give it a try!

You can create your event for free!
Thousands of users have already used Save The Date App to manage and RSVP their guests to their events.

Starting at a one time charge of 19 USD you can send text messages to all your guests requesting them to RSVP to the event, all that with a single mouse click.
Your guest need only to reply to the text message with the amount of guest that will attend the event.
All Rsvps will display in your account within seconds!

Create a free event now!



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